Friday, May 20, 2011

Restore Corrupt SQL Database from Replicated Database

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Microsoft SQL server offers a technology for improving the database consistency that is known as Database Replication. A database replication is a set of technique for copying and distributing database objects from one database server to another database server. It also maintains synchronization between the databases to improve consistency. You can distribute database or database objects to different location to mobile or remote users by the use of wireless connection, local area network, wide area network or dial-up connection. There are mainly two operations in the database replication, one is writes operation and another is read operation. Database writes are operated at the master database server and then replicated to the slave database server. Database reads are used by the all servers thats improve the database's availability. In case of corruption at the master database server you can restore the database from the slave database server but sometimes slave database server is not able to restore the corrupted database objects. In such situation you should used an advanced SQL server recovery software to restore the corrupt database objects.

Types of Database Replication: There are three type of database replications, which are described below:

Transactional Database Replication.
Merge Database Replication.
Snapshot Database Replication.

Transactional Database Replication: It is basically used in server to server transaction scenarios where throughput is high.

Merge Database replication: This database replication is used in mobile or distributed server applications. Data exchange with mobile users and integration of database from different websites are some example of merge replication.

Snapshot Database Replication: It provides initial data sets for above two database replications.

With above three replication methods, MS SQL server offers flexible and powerful system for synchronization of database or database objects. As discussed above, sometimes these replication methods are not able to restore the corrupt database. In such cases you can use a Microsoft gold certified partner application to fix the problem.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery software is a Microsoft gold certified partner that repairs database objects like tables, triggers, constraints, primary key, unique keys, foreign keys, views, indexes and many more. It supports MS SQL server 2000, 2005, 2008 & 7.0 and compatible with window 2000, 2005, XP, vista, 7.0.

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