Monday, May 30, 2011

How to fix the Error 2546 in SQL Server 2000?

Microsoft sql server database uses index for the fast accessing the data from the table. It enhance the speed of querying process by offering fast access to the rows in the database table, same concept as index of the book. A database table can has more than one index and created on the columns of tables or views. All the indexes are organized in the binary tree structure and hierarchical in the nature. A root index is placed at the top of the hierarchy and leaf indexes placed at the bottom of the hierarchy. Sometimes these indexes of the table are corrupted or make offline due to several reasons like metadata structure corruption, system failure, power failure, virus attack and many more. At this stage indexes are inaccessible and make database in suspect mode.

Consider a live scenario, wherein you are working on the MS SQL server database and checking the records meanwhile an error message pops up as

"Index 'INDEX_NAME' on table 'OBJECT_NAME' is marked offline. Rebuild the index to bring it online."

The above error message states that the index of the table is offline so request can not be proceed.

Solution: Some possible solution for the rebuilding the index of table which has marked as offline.

Check Hardware: run the hardware diagnostic program and fix the issue if any. If problem is not related to the hardware component then go through the updated clean backup.

Restore from Backup: if you have clean updated backup then restore and rebuild the index of the table.

Run DBCC CHECKDB: after performing above two solution and index is still in the offline mode then run DBCC CHECKDB command without any repair clause. Command gives an suitable repair clause, run DBCC CHECKDB command again with the suitable repair clause and fix the problem.

Note: Be sure, if you are unaware about the effect of DBCC CHECKDB command with repair clause then contact your senior database administrator or technical manager before executing the DBCC CHECKDB statement.

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