Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top 5 Disaster Recovery Solutions in SQL Server

Hey Guys!! How are you? I hope that you all are doing well. As we all know disaster can strike on the database in any form & any time. So it is better to well prepared to get rid from it. There are so many disaster recovery solutions available in SQL server, here we will go through top 5 of them.

Disaster: In term of SQL server, disaster is defined as an event that makes data unavailability or stop the normal functioning of database known as disaster. An event can appear in any form like hardware failure, virus attack, power failure, natural disaster, human errors, system hang, and many more. Some of the examples are given below:

  • Online railway reservation halt: Unable to show seats availability.
  • Data is unavailable: Think about big data retrieval companies like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • Order can not be placed: Think about online shopping sites like Amazon, where user wants to place an order but unable to do.

Disaster Recovery Solution: It is a process to overcome from data loss or business down after any disaster. Top 5 disaster recovery solutions in SQL server are as follows:

Top 1: High Availability & Disaster Recovery Solution: It is shortly known as HADR. This disaster recovery solution introduced in newly SQL server version 2012 & much expensive in comparison with other disaster recovery solutions. HADR offers high availability along with data recovery service if disaster has made business down.

Top 2: SQL Server Clustering Solution: SQL server clustering is one the best disaster recovery solution in the SQL server. In this technology; there are two or more physical servers that handle high availability and minimize the business downtime almost zero. When a physical server suddenly fails to perform the operation then all the tasks & responsibilities of failed server automatically take over by another physical server. It was introduced with Windows NT Server 4.0 enterprise edition.

Top 3: SQL Server Database Mirroring Solution: It is the fastest disaster recovery solution to bring database online in comparison of all other solutions. In addition to clustering solution that provides data protection at SQL server instance level, it provides data protection at database level. In database mirroring transaction log records are sent to the mirrored transaction log as soon as log buffer is written to the disk on the principle server. There is only one mirrored server for each principle server.

Top 4: SQL Server Log Shipping Solution: It works on the database & server levels so you can configure more than one database in this. Unlike database mirroring that supports full recovery model only, it supports full as well as bulk logged recovery models. It was also introduced in SQL server 2005 & does not support automatic failover. Log shipping failover time duration is larger than database mirroring failover time duration that can vary from minutes to hours (sometimes).

Top 5: 3rd Party SQL Server Recovery Program: There are so many 3rd party SQL server recovery programs available online like StellarPhoenix SQL recovery. Most of the recovery programs offer free demo version to download that shows the preview of your corrupt database. If you are satisfied with the demo then go forward to register your full copy from their official websites.

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