Sunday, February 12, 2012

Master Data Services in SQL Server 2008 R2

Microsoft recently introduced an SQL server product Master Data Services for master data management in SQL server 2008 R2. It is shortly known as MDS (Master Data Service) and used for managing non-transactional list of data. You can manage lists of accounts, products and customers by it. The result of master data service is reliable and centralized that helps in business decision making.

Some of the Master Data Services Features....

  • Hierarchy: It helps in managing the data according to user business need.
  • Save Version: It has ability to save the versions of data that will help you in auditing.
  • Reverse Transaction: It helps you for reversing the transaction, if you have done mistake.
How to Install Master Data Service: You can use SQL server setup wizard or command prompt to install Master data service. If you want to install through SQL server setup wizard then first go to the shared feature section and select feature selection and click on Master data service. When you will choose command prompt then MDS is available as feature parameter.

Now you are able to create master data services database after the successfully installation of SQL server master data service. Sometimes you may get below error message when try to create master data service database.

Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user 'domain\account', error code 0x5.
Unable to look up specified user account.

Why got Error? You may get above error message when service account for SQL server has inadequate permission to query. A user that is trying to create master data service database has not permission to create.

Resolution: You can solve this issue by configuring the service account for domain access.

Remarks: Master data services database helps many business users for making a right decision for their business. It is not specific to just managing data, you can do several other activity with the help of it.

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