Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SQL Server Master Database Corruption & Solutions

Master database is a system database that contains information about running SQL server configuration. When you install SQL server database on your system then SQL server creates master, msdn, model, tempdb system databases on your system by default. Among all these system databases, master database is the most important database. You can't start SQL server database without master database. For proper functioning of your database you will have to maintain the backup of master database. Master database details are stored in the master database file (MDF).  

Sometimes master database gets corrupt or damaged due to various reasons like virus attack, system failure, power failure, metadata structure corruption and so on. You can't start SQL server database with corrupt or damaged master database. To start SQL server database you will have to repair & recover SQL database. We will discuss three methods to fix master database corruption.

  • Restore from Backup
  • Rebuild Master database using rebuild master utility.
  • Repair Master database using 3rd Party Tool

Restore from Backup:

It is the best method to fix master database corruption. If you have maintain the backup of corrupt master database then restore it and fix the corruption issues.

Rebuild Master database using rebuild master utility. If you are unable to restore corrupt master database from backup then rebuild it using rebuild master utility. Rebuild utility is located in the program files directory.

Note: Shutdown the SQL server database before running rebuilds master utility.

Repair Master Database using 3rd party tool: It is the last method to solve master database corruption. You can try any 3rd party SQL server recovery software to repair corrupt master database. There is lots of 3rd party recovery software available in the market depending upon their functionalities and prices.

Attention: Always try demo version of any software before 

Last Minute: As we all know that without master database SQL server is nothing so make a schedule to backup your database on weekly basis or depends upon your database importance. Backup is the best way to solve database corruption scenarios if disaster strike to the database but in some cases 3rd party recovery software may also help to fix.

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