Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Resolve Error Message 2522 In SQL Server Database

An index is a data structure that reduced the accessing time on a database table and increased the storage space. A record in the table can be easily retried by the using of index. It is created by the using of one or more column of the database table. Both table and index of database table required nearly same space to store. Sometime the index of database table gets corrupted by inserting the wrong value that results, the database will be inaccessible. For fixing this problem a database administrator should use an advanced third party SQL Recovery application.

Consider a practical scenario wherein, you are inserting some value to access the record and got an error message:

“Unable to process index I_NAME of table O_NAME because filegroup F_NAME is invalid”

Root Cause of the Problem:

The root cause of above problem is that one of the file group IDs saved in meta data for indexes do not exist, thats the index cannot be checked.

Way to Resolve: For resolving the above error message, you have to follow the given below steps:

Check Hardware failure: Run hardware diagnostics and correct the problem if any. After fixing the problem, if you have persistent SQL server database corruption then try to swap out different hardware and fix the problem.

Restore From Backup: If the above problem is not hardware related and you are still unable to access the database then restore the corrupted SQL database from clean and updated backup.

Run DBCC CKECKDB Command: If you have no any clean backup then run DBCC CHECKDB command without repair clause to check the extent of corruption. Again run the DBCC CHECKDB command with proper repair clause and isolate the problem.

After trying all the above steps and database corruption is persistent then you should try a third party SQL Server Recovery software to isolate the problem. These third party SQL recovery application are very effective for repair the indexes of SQL server databa

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Note: Always try demo version of any software before complete download.

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