Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to resolve error 2812 in MS SQL server 2000

Stored procedure is used for the accessing data in the RDBMs like SQL server. It can accept or return value if required. You can store a group of statements in SQL server database by the using stored procedure. As discussed above, stored procedure returns value. Sometimes when you want to get some value by executing stored procedure and got an error message that means you have entered a value that does not exist that make sql server database unable to access. A database administrator should use a third party sql server recovery software to fix the problem.

Consider a practical scenario wherein, you attempt to execute a stored procedure that does not exist and got an error message:

“Could not find stored procedure '%.*ls'”

Cause of Error: The cause of above error message is that you have entered a value which is not exist or you have not fully qualify the stored procedure name.

Way to resolve: if you do not know, who is the the owner of procedure then run this command without any parameter to specify the owner:
Run the below command to know list of procedure in the database and owner of all procedure:
USE master
SELECT name,owner = USER_NAME(uid)
FROM sysobjects
WHERE type = 'P'
if the procedure does not appear in the output of above query then, the procedure is either does not exist or in the another database. You can avoid the above error by fully qualifying the stored procedure name with sql server database name.

Sometimes, the name of stored procedure exist in the database but does not return any value that means there is a corruption in the stored procedure of sql server database. A database administrator can resolve this problem by restoring the database from updated backup. If backup is not updated then should use an advanced third party sql recovery application to resolve the problem.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery software is an SQL database repair tool that repairs MDF file and NDF file alike. Specifically designed for MSSQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and 7.0. This MDF file repair tool restores various database objects such as collations, tables, stored procedures, triggers, defaults and many more. In addition, this repair mdf software preserves the relationship among the database tables.

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