Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recover SQL server database from error or corruption

All the rows of table in the SQL server database are divided into partitions that are represented by number from 1 to n. By default SQL server consider all rows are in a single partition. All the rows of table partition are stored in heap structure or Binary tree. Leaves are used to store the data. The data stored in leaf nodes of leaves are called text data node and other nodes are called text index nodes. Text index nodes are used to store index values for leaf node. Sometimes, you observe that mismatch between the child nodes and their corresponding parents nodes that result table inconsistency. At that time you will be unable to access your database and got an error message. For recovering this situation you need an advanced SQL recovery software to fix the problem.

Given below an error message you might encounter with your SQL database table:

Server: Msg 8961 , Level 23, State

Table error: Object ID O_ID. The text, ntext, or image node at page P_ID1, slot S_ID1, text ID TEXT_ID does not match its reference from page P_ID2, slot S_ID2.

Where, ‘state_number’ might be 1, 2 or 4.


The main cuase of this error is mismatch between the childs node and their corresponding parents nodes. Corruption in the text object may be also the couse of error. If you want to know the exact cause for this error message then used state_number which is displaying.

State 1: This situation occurs when timestamps in child node and parent node don’t match.

State 2: This Situation occurs when the size of child node is greater than its parent node.

State 4: This situation occurs when the level of child node is different from what is supposed by its parent node.


For solving such type of error message, you should follow the given below steps:

• Fix the hardware problem, if any.

• Restore database from last updated backup, if backup is updated available.

• Run DBCC CHECKDB command without repair clause if backup is not available. Again run DBCC CHECKDB but this time with the repair clause.

After performing all the above steps and still you will unable to access your sql database, i will suggest you to use any third party sql recovery software to fix the problem.

Stellar SQL Database Recovery software is a premier tool to repair corrupted SQL server databases. This software is comfortable with the SQL Server 2008, 2005 and 2000. This recovery software repairs primary (MDF) as well as secondary (NDF) files in sql server database.

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